Identities for Linear Recurring Sequences

There are several methods for computing the Nth term (mod M) of a 
linear recurring sequence of order d in log_2(N) steps, but most 
such methods require d^2 full multiplications (mod M) per step.  
The algorithm described below requires only d(d+1)/2 multiplications 
per step.

The algorithm can be described in terms of the basis sequences B_j(k), 
defined by
              x^n  =  sum   B_j(n) x^j        mod f(x)
where f(x) is the characteristic polynomial of the recurrence.  There
are several useful identities on these sequences.  In particular


              =  B_k(a1+a2+..+at+d) B_a1(n1) B_a2(n2) ... B_at(nt)

where summation from 0 to d-1 is implied over each index a*.  

NOTATION: Summation from 0 to d-1 is implied over any index that 
          appears both as a subscript and as an argument in a single 

For computing the Nth term of a linear recurrence (mod M), the most 
useful special case of the above identity is

          B_k(2n+r)  =  B_k(a1+a2+r) B_a1(n) B_a2(n)

where r is set to either 0 or 1 according to the binary bits of N.  
Because of the symmetry of the right hand side, only d(d+1)/2 full
multiplications are required per step.

There is a nice relation between the basis sequences B and the
s(n) sequences (i.e., the sums of the nth powers of the roots of f).
Let {i,j,..,k} be any given permutation of the integers {1,2,..,t}
with the disjoint cyclic components c1, c2,..,cr.  Then we have

  B_a1(n1+ai) B_a2(n2+aj) ... B_at(nt+ak)  =  prod  s( sum(n[q]) )

where sum(n[q]) denotes the sum over all the n'x' such that x is in cq.
In the most trivial case, this identity reduces to the fact that s(n)
is the "trace" (or "contraction") of the basis sequences

                        s(n)  =  B_a(n+a)

Of course, given the basis sequence elements, we can easily compute the
Nth terms of any linear recurring sequence (not just s(n) with the
characteristic polynomial f(x), since every such sequence is a linear 
combination of the basis sequences.

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