Number Theory

Symmetric Pseudoprimes
Is e Normal?
The Half-Totient Tree
Limit Cycles of xy (mod x+y)
A Knot of Congruences
Fermat's Last Theorem for Cubes
Digit Reversal Sums Leading to Palindromes
Self-Similar Reverse-Sum Sequences
The Sum of the Prime Factors of N
Sequence Partitionable Into Powers of 2 or 3
Iterated Sum-of-Digits Function
If ab+1, ac+1, bc+1 are squares,...
Zeisel Numbers
Quadratic Reciprocity
Highly Wilsonian Primes
Quadratic Congruences
Squares in Arithmetic Progression (mod p)
Numeri Idonei
Sequences With No Arithmetic Progressions
A Primality Criterion
Can n Divide !n ?
Periods of Fibonacci Sequences mod m
Diophantine Walk-a-thon
Barlow's Observation
Divisors of an n-term Geometric Series
More Results on the Form xy (mod x+y)
Sums of Three Cubes
Congruences Involving the Totient Function
Infinitely Many Rhondas
Why z Is Not a Prime Power in z^p = x^p + y^p
Evidence for Goldbach
Perrin's Sequence
Miscellaneous Diophantine Equations
No Four Squares In Arithmetic Progression
Gauss' Lemma Without Divisibility Arguments
Product Divisible By Sum of Squares
Lucas and Perrin Pseudoprimes
Pseudoprimes For x^2 - 4x - 9
Primitive Roots and Exponential Iterations
Pythagorean Graphs
On Case 1 of Fermat's Last Theorem
Coprime Partitions
The 450 Pound Problem (x^3 + y^3 = 6z^3)
Reverse Greed for Unit Fractions
The Amanda Arrangement
Sum of Divisors Equals a Power of 2
Sublime Numbers
On x^2 + y^3 = z^6
A Method Of Factoring Based On 1/N
The Distribution of Perfection
Square Triangular Numbers
Fermat's Last Theorem for Quadratic Integers
Tetrahedra with Edges in Arithmetic Progression
Diophantine n-tuples and their Duals
Differences Between Powers
Recurrences and Pell Equations
In Defense of Base-Related Problems
On x^3 - x + y^3 - y = z^3 - z
On the Density of Some Exceptional Primes
Double Equations from Triangles in Squares
Differently Perfect
A Special Property of 151
Simple Complex Quadratic Fields
The Euclidean Algorithm
Casting Out Nines
Detecting Squares
Numbers Expressible As (a^2 - 1)(b^2 - 1)
Concordant Forms
Summations and Recurrences
Solving Magic Squares
Unit Fractions and Fibonacci
The 2 Ohm Problem
Reflective and Cyclic Sets of Primes
Unit Fraction Partitions
N = (x^2 + y^2)/(1+xy) Is A Square
Proof of Generalized Little Theorem of Fermat
Minimizing the Denominators in Unit Fraction Expansions
On General Palindromic Numbers
Series Within Parallel Resistor Circuits
Sums of Consecutive Nth Powers Equal to an Nth Power
Integer Sequences Related to PI
Smallest Quadrilateral With Distinct Integer Sides
Mock-Rational Numbers
Coherent Arrays of Squares
Magic Square of Squares
Orthomagic Square of Squares
Automedian Triangles and Magic Squares
Continued Fractions and Characteristic Recurrences
One In The Chamber
The Greedy Algorithm for Unit Fractions
Average of Sigma(n)/n
Lucas's Primality Test With Factored N-1
Highly Heronian Ellipses
How Leibniz Might Have Anticipated Euler
Odd Greedy Unit Fraction Expansions
Factoring Zeta
Triangles and Diophantine n-Tuples
Accidental Melodies
Some Properties of the Lucas Sequence
Four Squares From Three Numbers
Meandering Convergence of a Dirichlet Series
Geodesic Diophantine Boxes
Least Significant Non-Zero Digit of n!
Discordance Impedes Square Magic
No Progression of Four Rectangles On A Conic?
Whole Permutation Fractions
A Unique Intersection Pattern for Plane Curves

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