Phase, Group, and Signal Velocity
Lead-Lag Frequency Response
Potential Flow and d'Alembert's Paradox
The Hydrogen Atom
Probabilities and Velocities
Huygens' Principle
The Speed of Sound
Electrodynamics - The Curl of the Curl
Born Rigidity, Acceleration, and Inertia
The Ergodic Hypothesis and Equipartition of Energy
Waves in Ascending and Descending Dimensions
The Filter Of Observation
Reflections on Relativity
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics
On Cumulative Results of Quantum Measurements
Ballistic Sagnac
The Ordering of Interactions
A Mirror To Physics
Quantum Interactions On Null Surfaces
Planetary Alignment
Retrograde Moon?
A Primer On Special Relativity
Two Geophysical Coincidences
The Doppler Effect
A Mass and Spring System in Motion
The IEEE Refutes Special Relativity
The Lemniscate and Spacetime
Time for a Rocking Chair
Frequency Response of First-Order Lag
Reactionless Propulsion (Not)
Geophysical Altitudes
Interference or Refraction?
Lesage's Shadows
Resonance and Motion
Magnetism and Earnshaw's Theorem
On Derivations of Kepler's Laws
Sandford's Elevator
Compressor Stalls and Mobius Transformations
Why Was Michelson Surprised?
Photons, Neutrinos, And Their Anti-Particles
Propagation of Pressure and Waves
Is Entropy Quantized?
Rational and Empirical Origins of Special Relativity
Loxodromic Aliasing
Aberration of Forces and Waves
Superluminal or Not
Schwarzschild Coordinate Time
Inertial Forces and D'Alembert's Principle
Testing Lorentz Invariance
Gravitational Slingshot
Intrinsic Wobble of Spinning Objects
Factoring Convex Figures
Intersecting Loci With Constant Separation
Reflecting on the Geometric Mean
Light Deflection in Isotropic Coordinates
Doppler Effect for Arbitrary Motion
Gravity of a Torus
The Bulging Earth
Why Maxwell Couldn't Explain Gravity
Does Relativistic Mass Imply Special Relativity?
From the Field Equations to the Kruskal Metric
Cosmological Horizons
Transformation of Electromagnetic Amplitude
A Budget of Barn Poles
Feynman, French Curves, and Fragility
Disappearing Sun
An Infinite Wall
On Matrix Mechanics
Fresnel's Drag Coefficient and Dispersion
Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces
Accelerating In Place
Gravity, Entropy, and Coherence
Physics in Space and Time
Invariance, Covariance, and Contravariance
Tilting Pencils
Bell Tests and Biased Samples
Gerber's Gravity
Sagnac and Fizeau
The Projection Postulate in Quantum Mechanics
Min-Energy Configurations of Electrons On A Sphere
The Phase Effect of Acceleration
Reversibility and Entropy
Newtonian Precession of Mercury's Perihelion
The Electric Potential of a Moving Charge
Aliasing and Uncertainty
Rigidly Re-Orienting An Extended Body
Weighing the Moon
Normal Shock Waves
Roemer's Hypothesis
Reasoning With Reversibility
Hypocycloidal Engine
Can Schrodinger's Cat Factor Numbers?
The Stars In The Sky
Higher-Order Wave Equations and Matter Waves
Inverse-Square Forces and Orthogonal Polynomials
Systems of Reference in Classical Mechanics
LIDAR Speed Guns and the Frequency of a Photon
Entangled Choices
The No-Curvature Interpretation
Series Solutions of the Wave Equation
Electromagnetic Energy, One Way or Another
Quantum Entanglement and Bell's Theorem
A Rotating Disk in Translation
Black Holes, Event Horizons, and the Universe
The Electric and Magnetic Fields of a Moving Charge
Noether's Theorem
Energy, Entropy, Enthalpy
Napoleonic Vectors
Derivations of Relativistic Light Deflection
True, Equivalent, and Calibrated Airspeeds
The Moon Always Veers Toward the Sun
Measuring the Speed of Gravity
The Wave Equation and Permutation of Rays
Boosts and Rotations
Twin Times
Teaching Special Relativity
Hero and Fermat on Receding Mirrors
Does a Uniformly Accelerating Charge Radiate?
Analytic Functions, The Magnus Effect, and Wings
Spacetime Inversion
Celestial Deflections
The Center of Energy
Light Paths in Rotating Coordinates
Frequency and Energy
The Virial Theorem
Retarded and Advanced Potentials
The Effect of Variations in Speed
Fourier Transforms and Uncertainty
The Twelfth Rainbow
Spherical Waves in Higher Dimensions
On Diffraction
Quantum Oscillator and Delannoy Numbers
Rotations and Anti-Symmetric Tensors
Trouton-Noble and the Right-Angle Lever
Velocity Composition and Rapidity
The Dirac Equation
On the Higgs Mechanism
Magnetic Dipoles

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